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SOSS_JacobRicks_2021-headI grew up on a potato farm in Southeast Idaho near the Teton Mountains. Unfortunately for me, I was a terrible farmer, so I left the farm and began my misadventures in academia.

Along the way, I spent two years in Thailand as a volunteer. While there I developed a love for the country, the food, and the people. I also gained a keen interest in both the international and domestic political conditions which affect people’s lives. When I returned to Utah State University, I found my way into political science.

I completed a master’s degree at Northern Illinois University, taking advantage of NIU’s Center for Southeast Asian Studies, before moving to Atlanta Georgia to pursue my PhD at Emory University. In 2013 I relocated to Singapore for a position at Singapore Management University.

During my free time I love reading and traveling. Also, any chance I get, I make a pilgrimage home to Idaho.

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